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StarWalker for Panda Eyes

by: Dr. Miya Castro Dark eye circles are difficult to treat. Numerous eye creams and serums promise unachievable results while eye treatment procedures produce below satisfactory outcomes. Ironically, these dark circles or panda eyes give the face a tired and stressed overall appearance. Before you decide to accept them and rely on concealers, SkinCell introduces […]

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Blast away that last pocket of fat, with no downtime

By: Anne A. Jambora – @inquirerdotnet Philippine Daily Inquirer / 03:20 AM June 20, 2017 It’s always the last inch that’s hardest to lose. Who do you turn to when you hit a weight-loss plateau? What happens next?When all else fails, trust technology to come to the rescue. Solta Medical Inc. recently launched the second […]

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At Home Exercises to Eliminate Love Handles

‘Muffin top’ or ‘love handles’ is a common problem, especially among women these days. Abdominal fat is the reason why you find it more difficult to fit into clothes without letting the extra ‘curves’ show off. While shedding them off may seem quite a challenge, the good news is you can get back into shape […]

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3 Must-Have Beauty Treatments for the Moody Weather

Does your skin have the protection it needs from the weather’s changing moods? A day would start with a clear sunny sky but can suddenly end with a heavy storm. These extreme weather changes can affect the health of your skin, and without proper prevention and precautions it can bring long term damage before you […]

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Tips to Prevent Acne Breakout this Summer

Are you ready for summer? The piping hot months come with heat and dust that can trigger an acne breakout. Don’t let damaged skin ruin this season for you. Check out some useful information below that can help keep your skin healthy this summer. What Causes Acne Flare Up During Summer? Acne is formed when […]

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How to Avoid Summer Rashes and other Skin Problems

It’s summer! Sweltering days of excessive sweating, oily skin and direct sun exposure can easily cause skin damages and take away your skin’s radiance. Be worry-free by prepping your skin before summertime hit its peak. Below are some of the most common summer rashes and skin problems that you need to spot and treat before […]

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What are Varicose Veins and How to Remove Them

Cold is out. Hot is in. It’s almost summer and it’s the season for shorts, skirts, and swimsuits. Are your legs and thighs ready for summer? Hair? Check. Scars? Check. Varicose Veins? Oh no! Varicose veins may appear as ugly bumps or bluish spiders that are tangled under your skin. Women of all ages experience […]

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Beauty Q&A: What’s the Most Effective Treatment for Hair Removal?

Q: Hello, what is the best laser hair removal currently available on the market? I’ve tried treatments like IPL and diode for my underarms and legs. Sure, the lasers made the hair grow thinner and slower but there are still stubborn hair growth even after undergoing the recommended number of treatment sessions. -Anonymous, Patient A: […]

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