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3 Must-Have Beauty Treatments for the Moody Weather

3 Must-Have Beauty Treatments for the Moody Weather

Does your skin have the protection it needs from the weather’s changing moods? A day would start with a clear sunny sky but can suddenly end with a heavy storm. These extreme weather changes can affect the health of your skin, and without proper prevention and precautions it can bring long term damage before you even know it.

Here are some beauty treatments you need to know to protect your skin against the damages. Keep your skin healthy and glowing with these tips:

How Weather Change Affects the Skin

Nowadays, weather changes can be quite extreme. It fluctuates drastically from hot to cold or vice versa which can tax on your skin’s glow and health.

  • Sudden change in temperature. Going from an extremely hot outdoor into a cold room or vice versa can cause facial veins to contract and expand which can lead to broken veins and facial redness.
  • Extreme sun exposure.The main risk factor for premature aging, sunburn, and skin cancer. It is also the major cause of dark spots, freckles, and wrinkles. Being in too much heat can cause excessive sweating and too much oiliness. When combined with dirt, dust and pollution it can lead to acne breakouts.
  • Humidity. Too much air moisture which is common in tropical countries like the Philippines, can open uppores that makes the skin more prone with oil and dirt build up. These impurities can cause skin breakouts and acne.

Skin Care during Harsh Moody Weather

Here’s a quick skincare routine to beat the problems that are usually caused by the changing weather.

Cleanser and toner. To get rid of excess oil and dirt that can get trapped in your pores, use a mild deep cleanser. It is good to use a cleansing brush to deeply cleanse your skin and flush out impurities. After washing, use a good toner to rub off excess oil and stubborn dirt

Moisturize. To keep the suppleness of your skin and prevent dryness and flaking especially during sunny days, use a moisturizer that’s right for your skin type. For dry skin use oil based, for oily skin use a water-based moisturizer.

Use sunscreen. Rain or shine, it is important to wear sunscreen. Choose one that’s non-comedogenic and broad-spectrum so you can have enough protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Beauty Treatments to Restore Damages Caused by Extreme Weather

SkinCell PH offers a wide range of safe and effective beauty treatments for all skin types and beauty problems. Our medical grade facials are tailor fit for the unique needs of each patient. Here are some of the best facial treatments you need to restore your skin’s health and glow:

Famous Facial. This treatment is best to soothe your skin and combat the damaging effects of stress and too much sun or wind exposure. The infusion of natural green tea extracts is sure to freshen up your skin while helping it fight free radicals.

Clear Laser Genesis Facial (CLG). This facial is perfect for irritated and sensitive skin due to the changing weather conditions. It includes a refreshing cleansing facial, oxygen boost, toning treatment and SkinCell’s most requested Laser Genesis to end the treatment. The result? A refreshed, glowing and well hydrated skin.

Ultimate Facial. This facial treatment is specifically designed for those in their late 20’s and above. It includes a cleansing facial, followed with the ReFirme treatment which automatically lifts up the skin. It gently cleanses using botanical extracts to control oil and a light microdermabrasion to exfoliate the skin.

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