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Skin Damages Caused by the Sun

Summer is fast approaching and many of us will find ourselves having the time of our lives when we spend precious vacation time under the sun.

Studies show that the sun’s UV rays are at its strongest between 10 am – 4 pm and during the months surrounding the summer solstice, around June 21, when the sun is at its highest. Location also has an impact in developing skin damage. People living in countries that are close to the equator where sunlight falls directly is more likely to suffer from damaged skin. Sun exposure under reflective surfaces such as the water, snow, and concrete increases the risk of sunburn. The higher the altitude of a location the more prone it is to UV exposure because it has less capability to block the sunlight.

What many people don’t realize is that too much exposure not only damages the skin but also causes aging. Unfortunately, the sun is something that we can barely influence or control.


Skin Damages Caused by the Sun


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