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StarWalker for Panda Eyes

by: Dr. Miya Castro

Dark eye circles are difficult to treat. Numerous eye creams and serums promise unachievable results while eye treatment procedures produce below satisfactory outcomes. Ironically, these dark circles or panda eyes give the face a tired and stressed overall appearance. Before you decide to accept them and rely on concealers, SkinCell introduces its latest periorbital whitening treatment using the StarWalker ®, an ultra performance Q-Switched Laser that uses the medical power of light to safely and effectively break down pigments to be eliminated by the body. Given the “Best New Technology Award” in the Aesthetic Industry Awards, the Starwalker® is possibly the best laser to finally target those panda eyes and is definitely worth a try.

Starwalker for Panda Eyes

The Starwalker® is also effective in tattoo removal and targeting pigmentary lesions like freckles, age spots, sun spots and melasma, as well as vascular lesions and some birthmarks.

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