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Clear Laser Genesis

A Quick & Effective Laser Treatment

Clear Laser Genesis provides both men and women with rejuvenated and healthy skin. This treatment is quick and non-invasive, but highly effective. Over time, its advanced technology reduces the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores, dry or irritated &uneven skin. The result is a healthy glow at any age.

Clear Laser Genesis works by gently warming the skin and targeting specific fine structures of the dermis to address problem areas.

Are you a good candidate for the treatment?

What’s good about this treatment is that it is best for both men and women of any age and all skin types. Clear Laser Genesis works well for:

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Improvement in skin texture
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Improvement of Rosacea or diffuse facial redness

Each session only lasts about 30-45 minutes. It is non-invasive and has no downtime so you can go back to business right after the treatment.

Visit our skin care clinic in Manila, for a consultation to learn how Clear Laser Genesis can help you with your skin concern today.

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