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Our proven effective medical grade facials are tailor fit to each patient’s unique needs and conditions. May it be for oily, dry, sensitive, acne-prone, pigmented, wrinkled, or even normal skin, there is a SkinCell signature facial that will give you the results you’ve long been waiting for.

Luxe Facials

Facials by SkinCell

Advanced CoolWhite Facial

The SkinCell Advanced CoolWhite Facial is a relaxing facial treatment that gives you instantly fairer skin. Revolutionary whitening is delivered by cool jet technology that delivers powerful whitening antioxidant directly to your skin’s deeper layers. An innovative botanical whitening mask finishes off this relaxing facial. Get that pearly white glow even without any make up on with the Advanced CoolWhite Facial.

Microcurrent Rejuvenation Facial

Do you wake-up in the morning after a full night’s rest and still see dull-looking, tired skin in the mirror? The Microcurrent Rejuvenation Facial is the age defying facial that turns back the clock. It specifically targets the effects of stress on the skin with an amino acid glycolic peel that sloughs away those dull skin cells. An infusion of growth factors with the revolutionary microcurrent therapy will leave your visibly firmer and younger looking. The SkinCell enzymatic mask completes your treatment to produce a truly revitalized complexion.

Pulsed Light Anti-oxidant Facial

Are you a busy executive, sports buff, career woman, or super mom? Our Pulsed Light Anti-oxidant Facial treatment is designed to combat the effects of work stress, sun and wind exposure, and even jet lag. A gentle exfoliating massage and deep pore cleaning is followed by a direct infusion of powerful green tea extracts that slows the rate of free radical damage. The new generation intense pulsed light treatment, topped by the SkinCell special serum of nanoemulsion vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, produces a healthy, hydrated glowing complexion.

CryoLift Facial

This innovative CryoLift Facial works its magic by instantly tightening and lifting tired-looking skin. With a cryoprobe, the skin is chilled with a controlled stream of liquid nitrogen. Facial vessels constrict and relax, enhancing the penetration of the SkinCell special serums. Pores are less visible and complexion is instantly refreshed.

O2 Detox Facial

The O2 Detox Facial is a no-downtime refreshing facial that instantly preps you up for special occasions. A relaxing crystal peel followed by an infusion of our antioxidant spiked SkinCell special serum, and topped by a stream of pure oxygen will leave your face visibly hydrated all day and all night long. The SkinCell eye treatment patch completes your glam look. This facial will definitely make you the belle of the ball.

Signature SkinCell Facials

Ultimate Facial

Indulge in this comprehensive treatment that includes a deep-cleansing steam mist, gentle extraction of clogged pores, microdermabrasion, light-based skin rejuvenation, plus advanced FDA-approved modalities Refirme, and microcurrent for skin tightening. This is finished off by a series of masks and serums that leaves the skin visibly refreshed and younger looking.

Famous Facial

This pampering facial treatment is known as the O2 package. It combines a relaxing but meticulous cleaning of clogged pores, followed by an FDA-approved IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment that corrects blemishes and facial redness. A tightening and toning mask delivers additional firming benefits. A hyperbaric oxygen infusion of intense hydrating and vitamin-enriched antioxidant serums complete this rejuvenating treatment. Progressive improvement of overall skin tone is expected with regular treatments.

Balancing Facial

This treatment is customized to balance a “mixed dry-oily skin type”. It incorporates a deep but gentle pore cleansing with a special botanical extract that effectively controls oil, followed by light microdermabrasion for exfoliation, a toning and tightening mask, and a hyperbaric oxygen infusion of a mild hydroxyacid and vitamin C serum to promote healthy skin rejuvenation. A hyaluronic acid mixture is added to dry skin areas to achieve maximum hydration.

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