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Fotona Tightlase: Sculpted Figure and Tight Skin in One Procedure

The leading dermatology clinic in Manila now offers Tightlase from Fotona, the world’s leading medical laser company. Fotona Tightlase is a non ablative procedure that uses dual wavelength laser technology to eliminate cellulite-causing fat tissues and tighten the skin.

How it Works

Fotona Tightlase is the first wavelength laser that targets the fat tissues deep within the skin layer. It turns into heat that shrinks the fats and stimulates collagen production. The second wavelength on the other hand is responsible for skin tightening.

Together, the treatment reduces fats so you can have plump skin and a well-contoured body with a single procedure.

Why Choose Fotona Tightlase

Safe and Effective on All Body Areas. Fotona Tightlase is a trusted treatment for eliminating cellulite and sculpting the thighs, arms, and waist.

Absolutely No Downtime. You can go back to your day-to-day activities even after the treatment. There may be redness on the treated area but it will normally fade away the following day.

Non-Ablative. It requires no incision or needles yet delivers results that are comparable to surgical treatment.

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